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Deans Message

  • Nurturing of creative and practical
    Through Innovative engineering education model
    Competence and experience producing engineers who have towed
    nation's economic growth are precious assets of Korea.

    Since its establishment in 1939, Hanyang College of Engineering has been dedicated to advancing Korea's scientific technology and industrial technology fields.For its part, the College of Engineering has beenendeavoring to produce the nation's top engineers by providing the knowledge and training needed to continue Korea's industrial development. In this regard, practical education through active research,cooperation, and collaboration are key terms driving the College forward.

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There continues to be vast and swift changes that the human race has been experiencing in relatively recent times, including the advent of the Fourth industrial revolution, rapid globalization, and the convergence of various technologies. Thus harmonizing of these areas, is fundamental for ongoing national development and the development of practical engineering technology. Hanyang College of Engineering is very proud of the fact that it was Korea's first private college of engineering, and therefore the College is determined to continue its mission of “nurturing creative and practical talent through the innovative engineering education model.”

The digital revolution and the Fourth Industrial revolution have enabled the world to communicate and interact on a level and at new heights not previously experienced. As a result, there is a growing demand for talented engineers who are equipped with not only the engineering skills necessary to accomplish challenging tasks, but also the broad cultural understanding and sensitivity to effectively adapt to various settings. This includes possessing the needed communication skills, cultural awareness, and cooperative mindset to advance this new era of leadership. In addition, Today higher education is obligated to foster tomorrow’s leaders who posses the ability to design and produce through high level analysis and creativity, and even challenge for new frontiers to become the creative convergent leader.

In order to meet these demands, Hanyang College of Engineering has designated for its students compulsory lectures such as ‘global leadership’and ‘business leadership’as well as social volunteer work to promote a better appreciation for the humanities and to instill a spirit of philanthropy. Furthermore, to help students create and realize their own vision and dreams, Hanyang has the ABEEK program.

Competence and experience producing engineers who have towed nation’s economic growth are precious assets of Korea. Over the last half century, Hanyang has been graduating leaders in the engineering field, and this momentum will continue well beyond the next half century.

2020. 07
Dean, College of Engineering
Lee, Ju