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board list
No. Subject Date
7 Lee Hun, CEO of Mobile EV Charger Maker EVAR 21.08.17
6 Invested by Naver and Kakao, CEO of LetinAR Kim Jae-hyuk 21.07.01
5 Lauded as a 1st Generation Active Constructor, Alumnus Choi Joon-myung 21.07.01
4 Kim Seung-yong, Young Entrepreneur Fascinated by Vietnam 21.06.04
3 Strategy of QUANDA App that Alumni Lee Jong-heun's "Mathpresso" Developed 21.06.04
2 CEO Jeon Geun-shik of Han-il Cement, Donated 50 Million Won 21.04.05
1 Wooyang Precision Industries CEO Kang Wook-hee Delivered 100 Million Won Development Fund to HYU 21.04.05
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