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No. Subject Date
43 Improving Thermal Conductivity of Composition 22.05.06
42 Prof. Jang Jun-hyeok's Team Ranked 1st among Domestic Univ. at International Academic Contest in Voice AI Field 22.05.06
41 AI Neuroimaging Diagnostic Method for Autism Spectrum Disorder 22.04.11
40 New Platform for Brain Tumor Treatment 22.04.11
39 New Tech for Voice Recognition Through Mouthing in VR 22.04.11
38 New Catalyst to Prevent Global Warming 22.03.15
37 New Tissue Regeneration Tech to Simultaneously Regenerate Bones and Cartilage 22.03.15
36 New-generation Water Electrolyzer with Low Cost Hydrogen Production Tech 22.03.15
35 Discovering Principle of Brain Sensory Signal Selection 21.12.23
34 Development of Robot Cleaning Skyscraper's Exterior Walls 21.12.23
33 Paving Way for Flow-Electrode Capacitive Mixing Commercialization 21.12.23
32 Newly Developed Deep Learning Technology Two Times Faster 21.12.23
31 Reading Hidden Emotions with Micro-expression Detection Technology 21.12.23
30 Developing Visibly Clear Metamaterials to Lower High Car Temperature 21.12.23
29 Prof. Park Hee-ho Developed Next-Generation Immunotherapy for Solid Tumors 21.12.23
28 Prof. Lee Dong-yun Developed Smart Contact Lens that Diagnose Diabetes with Tears 21.11.23
27 Prof. Choi Sung-young Team Developed Precision Pump for Portable Microfluidics 21.11.23
26 Prof. Im Chang-hwan's Facial-expression Recognition Technology for VR Applications 21.11.23
25 Prof. Yi Sung-chul's Team Developed Technology to Reduce Platinum in Fuel Cells 21.10.25
24 Developing a Cathode Material for Fast Secondary Battery Charging 21.09.17
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