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No. Subject Date
24 Developing a Cathode Material for Fast Secondary Battery Charging 21.09.17
23 Prof. Kim Seong-hun's Team Developed New Theoretical Equation for Improving Nanocomposites' Thermal Conductivity 21.08.17
22 Developing “Cell Caging” Technology for Creating Nanofilm on the Cell Surface 21.08.17
21 Prof. Lee Dong-yun Develops New Platform to Treat Brain Tumors 21.08.17
20 Creating Eco-Friendly Plastic Material Technology with Waste Resources 21.08.17
19 Developing Smart Luminescent Electronic Skin 21.07.01
18 Developing Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries Using Eco-friendly Low Temperature Synthesis and Water Vapor 21.07.01
17 Researcher Challenging Perfect Air Purifying Technology 21.07.01
16 Prof. Kim Sun-jeong Selected for the 9th Baiknam Academy Award 21.06.04
15 Developing Cell Death Inducer for Cancer Immunotherapy 21.06.04
14 Identifying Social Unrest and Sensitivity Reduction to COVID-19 with Deep Learning the First Time 21.06.04
13 Professors Yoo Won-cheol and Lee Sang-wook's Research Team Developed Non-Platinum Electrochemical Catalyst 21.04.27
12 Professor Kim Do-hwan's Joint Research Team Developed Gas Distinguishing Sensor Technology Using Wi-fi 21.04.27
11 Prof. Kim Do-hwan beginning the commercialization of skin patch gas sensor 21.04.27
10 Prof. Kim Sun-jung and Jang Yong-woo developed a next generation body energy charging system 21.04.27
9 New Robotic Soft Swim Bladder for Underwater Movement 21.04.07
8 Keynote Presentation at Choi-Jonghyun Academy 21.04.07
7 Professor Lee Won-jun and Park Jun-hong Created New Tonometry Method With Co-Research 21.04.05
6 Hanyang University Won the 2020 HYU Academic Award and Industry-University-Research Cooperation Award 21.04.05
5 Professor Lim Won-bin's Research Team Receives Participation Award at the 27th Humantech Paper Awards 21.04.05
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